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Imagine being able to focus on the business, which you Enjoy

While we focus on turning eyeballs into customers using a variety of online marketing strategies. 

For a limited time we are offering a complimentary lead generation audit worth $995 for approved clients. Take the first step and submit your application today. 

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We Are Committed To Finding You New Clients & Customers

Here is How We Do It…

We have a passion for marketing, and we have made it our mission to understand how to help businesses like yours succeed! Unlike most social media agencies who focus on generic marketing, we specialise in one thing and one thing only – finding you more leads and customers. 

Our approach is unique and different in that we believe in measurable return on investment. Our lead generation campaigns are highly focused, directly measurable, and very profitable. 

  • Using the unique formula, we analyse your business to determine the best social media platform for you
  •  Exclusivity is assured as we only work with ONE local company per area .
  •  Set up targeted campaigns to generate new leads for your sales team.
  •  Potential clients are pre-qualified and an appointment set up with your sales team.
  •  We ensure that you have the best chance of securing the contract, resulting in the highest possible ROI.
  •  No changes are needed to your business – other than ensuring that you have the infrastructure to cope with a lot more sales leads than you’ve been getting in the past!

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Meet Rob – Your Marketing Strategist Expert

Mr Rob Bower: Chief Engineer and Project Director

Amanzify Chief Engineer and General Manager with represents the company at organizations like SAFCEC, SAICE and ECSA and is qualified as a commercial supervisor.

Rob is currently heading the Marketing department in Amanzify, which originated in 2018 when the client’s needs became much more orientated in market engineering such as client analysis, client needs review, UPSYD deep analysis, product review and product market analysis. Very field orientated, Rob ensures that client’s requirements are met at all times especially in their specific areas that are often inaccessible by the client.


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